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Employment of foreigners

Employment of foreigners

Employment of foreigners

In recent years, the number of foreigners visiting Japan has increased, and the proportion of tourists from Asia is particularly high, and the momentum of increase is continuing.
In addition, the number of foreign students is increasing, and the Japanese government is actively promoting the attraction of tourists and international students.

-Active employment of foreign human resources-

As Japanese companies expand globally, the needs for foreign human resources are increasing. However, as many companies are considering hiring foreigners, they are worried about the differences in Japanese skills and culture of the hiring personnel.
We have native staff with business skills gained from a wealth of experience to support you, so we will properly instruct and contact you in the workplace.
We will dispatch and introduce excellent foreigners living in Japan by making full use of the know-how we have cultivated so far.

[For companies with such issues

Recommended for adoption ]


Person selection

Although it is difficult to hire

No record of hiring foreigners


We are hiring foreigners,

Frequent troubles

Follow-up after hiring

I don't understand the language after hiring and I don't know how to train foreigners


Exclusive coordinator

Experienced coordinator

We will propose a recruitment plan that best suits your needs.


Thorough compliance

Thoroughly compliment and dispatch only foreigners with a valid status of residence

I will introduce


Thorough follow-up

Our foreign employees (managers) provide solid support for human resources management, education, work guidance, etc., so there is no need to worry about communication.

Specific skill No. 1

-What is a specific skill?

Part-time jobs of international students and family members within 28 hours a week and technical intern trainees who are not allowed to do unskilled labor will not be able to respond, and the status of residence that allows foreigners to work newly under certain rules is April 2019 It was founded on the 1st of the month. Therefore, in particular, 14 fields where sufficient human resources cannot be secured in Japan are designated as "specific industry fields", and foreigners can now work in the field work, etc., and it is expected that 345,000 people will be accepted in 5 years. We are here.

(1) Specific skill No. 1 qualification requirements

In order for foreigners to acquire the qualification for Specified Skill No. 1, it is necessary for new immigrants and international students residing in Japan to pass the Specified Evaluation Test (Skill Test and Japanese Language Test). The Japanese language test is based on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4. Those who have successfully completed Technical Intern Training No. 2 are exempt from the specific evaluation test.

(2) Foreigner support and registration support organizations

* Our company is certified as a registration support organization. 19 Noboru-000561
In order to accept foreigners with Specific Skill No. 1, it is necessary to submit a support plan for employment, living, and learning Japanese, and provide support according to the plan.
We can also provide all of the above support.

(3) You can change jobs within the same industry

As a possible problem in the future, there is concern that foreigners will concentrate from rural areas to urban areas. For example, technical intern trainees who were engaged in fishery processing in rural areas acquired specific skill No. 1, and the wage level was high. It is also possible to change jobs to a food factory in a high urban area. In response to this, the competent ministries and agencies will inform each prefecture, and the council of each industry will take measures (request for refraining from accepting in the relevant area, etc.).

(4) Others

The maximum employment of Specified Skill No. 1 is 5 years, and in the industries other than agriculture and fishery, in principle, the host organization will be directly employed, and full-time employment will be carried out, and the amount of compensation such as salary will be equal to or higher than that of Japanese.

-Recruitment flow-

Please see here for the schedule until work.

(1) Support before entering Japan

Education support

Education for passing exams for each occupation

We will study about each desired work content in the class of the Japanese language school.

* Please refer to here for the exam names for each occupation.

* For study expenses related to Japanese and the work content of each occupation

We are preparing to introduce a scholarship system on our own.

Admission support to Japanese language school

We provide information on admission to Japanese language classes and teaching materials for learning Japanese.

① Japanese Language Proficiency Test "N4" (5 levels: "N1" is the most difficult)

② Japan Foundation Japanese Basic Test (common to 14 fields)

③ Long-term care Japanese evaluation test (long-term care only)

* The level of Japanese proficiency is judged by the above "①" or "②".

Only for long-term care, it is necessary to pass the examination of ③ separately.

Specific skill No. 1 visa acquisition support

We will outsource the visa application required before travel to the administrative scrivener office with which we are affiliated, and will support the necessary documents.

<Partner administrative scrivener office>

Brace Partners

New administrative scrivener office

Immigration support (before travel)

(2) Support after entering Japan

Immigration support (when traveling)

An interpreter in charge of our company will accompany you to assist in the following various procedures.

① When you enter Japan, we will meet you at the airport together.

② We will follow the procedure for resident registration to the city hall under your jurisdiction.

③ We will follow the opening of the designated bank account, etc. at the time of salary payment.

④ We will set up company housing and dormitories on your behalf.

⑤ We will follow contracts for mobile phones, WiFi, lifelines, etc.

⑥ Prepare daily necessities (furniture appliances, bedding).

⑦ We will accompany you to the purchase of daily necessities and provide advice and follow-up on the purchase of necessary items.

⑧ We will follow up according to the municipality, such as how to separate and dispose of garbage.

Life support

We will respond to consultations and complaints.

Regarding consultations and complaints about living in Japan, we will respond in a language (native language) that foreigners can fully understand, and provide necessary advice and follow-up according to the content.

We will follow the promotion of exchanges with Japanese people.

We will follow up on information and participation in events such as festivals of the four seasons, as well as places for interaction with local residents held at local residents' associations. We will help you to get in touch with Japanese culture and customs.

Support for starting work

An interpreter will accompany you when you join the company.

If you need work guidance, we will consult with you separately. (Dispatch contract)


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