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What is Human Eye?

What's Human Eye

The role of human eye is to connect people.

In the dispatch business and contract business, what is trusted by many business partners is

I think this is because it is important for the staff to work with peace of mind.

When I'm looking for a job, right after I actually start working ... Everyone feels uneasy at that time.

We will do our best to eliminate the worries of our staff and keep them working vigorously!


Human eye features

Follow-up to workability

When starting work, many people are worried that they will be able to adapt to their new workplace. Many people are working at the manufacturing site, and communication may be weakened. At Human Eye, we try to keep an eye on each and every one of our staff, such as by asking them to greet each other when they go to work so that they don't feel lonely.

Convenient payroll advance payment system

The partial advance payment system for salary is popular as "convenient when money is suddenly needed!" It is a popular system that is used about 100 times every day. It is possible to receive up to 70% of the actual work done by bank transfer on the next business day after application. (There is a fee of 500 to 600 yen each time) The prepaid system that allows you to receive payment without waiting for the usual payday is "every day is a payday". Please make use of it!

Step-up "career path"

We have a unique "career path system" that leads to rewarding work and acquisition of specialized skills, even for work with a fixed working period. You can gain experience while working and step up step by step. You will be in charge of the work according to each ability. For those who are motivated, there is also a way to hire employees after working as a leader.

There is work to put in the dormitory

Some of the jobs are equipped with free private dormitories! "I'm happy to have a place to live with my work! And it's free!" If you are looking for a job on the condition that you have a dormitory, please contact us. (There are regulations depending on the place of work.)


Voice of the staff

What is the goodness of human eye?
I interviewed an active staff member.

What is the goodness of human eye?
I interviewed an active staff member.


Thanks to the follow-up, my worries are clear

Since I started with no experience, I was worried about various things at first. It makes me laugh when I think about it now, but when I got used to it, I was confused about how to enter and return from the break and how to use the rest area. When I was in trouble because I didn't know who to ask, the person in charge of Human Eye followed me carefully.

I was very relieved to think that he would respond firmly to any problems at work. Now that I get to know my seniors with whom I work, I am able to work energetically every day. You can always contact the person in charge if necessary, and if it's a little difficult this month, it's very convenient and helpful to be able to ask for "prepaid" with a single phone call.

What is the goodness of human eye?
I interviewed an active staff member.


Safety slogan for everyone to participate

More peace of mind in the contest!

It was my first time to work at a factory, but I remember well that the person in charge carefully taught me the precautions on the first day and thought, "I can work without anxiety." Even after working for a long time, I strongly feel that Human Eye is a company where it is very important for the working staff to work safely and healthily.

Every year, there is a "safety and health slogan" contest that recruits hiyari hats and safety slogans, and the slogan is what all the staff, including part-time workers, felt while working ... What an award (laughs). Even though I was told "safety and health", it didn't come to my mind at first, but let's make it a safe and comfortable workplace! The company calls me, so I'm happy that I can work with peace of mind.


Flow from registration to employment


Job search

Apply from job listings

Job details & interview

Recruitment decision

Joined / assigned to a dispatched company

Q & A

Q. Is it necessary to have experience and skills (techniques)?

A.   There are many jobs for beginners and inexperienced people! Some jobs require specific skills, so if you have any experience, please let the person in charge know. The range of work that can be introduced will be expanded.

Q. Do you have any jobs within the scope of your dependents?

A.   There are many short-term and short-term jobs, so you can work in a way that suits you. We will introduce jobs that are easy to work according to your lifestyle, so please tell us your desired work location and working hours at the time of registration.

Q. Can I get social insurance?

A.   At Human Eye, compliance (legal compliance) is very important in all of our business. All those who can legally take out social insurance are enrolled.

(Except for short-term contracts and when working within the scope of dependents)

Q. Do you have overtime or work on holidays?

A. Depending on your work, you may be asked to cooperate. We will fully explain the employment conditions and the characteristics of work, so please be assured that you can check in advance if you have difficulty working overtime or working on holidays.

Q. Can you prepare for the next job after the end of the working period?

A. We secure the next workplace as much as possible by comparing the skills, working conditions, work location, and conditions. Many people at Human Ai are active in the next workplace after the expiration of the period.

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