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Compliance in a company generally means "acting in accordance with very basic rules such as laws and regulations. (Legal compliance)".

In recent years, there have been repeated cases in which the loss of trust due to violations of laws and regulations in corporate activities, and the stricter punishment of laws and the tightening of regulations caused by them have a great impact on the survival of businesses, such as preventing violations of laws and regulations in corporate activities. It is often used from the point of view.

In Japanese, it is often translated as legal compliance, and it is a term that refers to observing laws and regulations.
In the case of our company, the laws such as the Worker Dispatching Law, the Labor Standards Law, the Safety and Health Law, and the Personal Information Protection Law , whose regulations are being strengthened year by year, are the targets.
Therefore, when the law is changed, we are working to accurately grasp the content and respond promptly, and we are enlightening not only employees but also customers and staff.

In addition, at our company, not only compliance = legal compliance, but also "adaptation to social demands" including legal compliance.
Based on this idea, we advocate "full set compliance", which includes observing social norms and corporate ethics (morals) in addition to legal compliance.

The existence of a company has not only the pursuit of profit but also the potential demand from society.
There are also social demands for various laws and regulations before they are enacted.
Decrees do not always reflect the latest social conditions, and the judiciary is also not universal.
Therefore, we believe that the main purpose of compliance is to respond to the demands of society, rather than simply complying with laws and regulations.


May 2006 Officially certified

What is a privacy mark?

The privacy mark system is a system that certifies businesses that have established a system to take appropriate protection measures for personal information and permits the use of the privacy mark to that effect.


Officially certified in April 2011

Origin of the mark

This mark has the following two meanings.
・ Good Job
・ Contract Judgment

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