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Nursing care business / day service

Nursing care busuness

Day service

Follow life management

-A cozy space that snuggles up to smiles and happiness-

We, Follow Life, operate community-based outpatient care.

"The joy of living" for the elderly through services

We will provide "a relaxing time" for the family.

5 locations in total in Hachioji City, Tokyo, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Aikawa Town,

We provide a generous long-term care service with a homely atmosphere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Follow life theory


Follow life


Based on the belief that we are constantly improving our long-term care and human power and providing care, we contribute to the community by providing a place where we can live in our own way by being close to everyone who needs us. While continuing to grow.

-Characteristics of follow life-

Spacious space

Although it is a cozy facility with a capacity of 10 to 20 people, it is twice as large as the national standard and can be used extensively.

Creating a space between people

From the viewpoint of dementia prevention, we do not dare to set up a private room, and while creating a structure that allows you to always connect with someone, we are creating a space where you can take a rest at night.

Homemade cooking

You can enjoy homemade dishes supervised by a nutritionist and prepared by housewife staff.

Cooperating medical institutions

With the cooperation of nearby clinics, we have a system in place that can be used even in an emergency.

Mental health management

Clinical psychology also provides mental care through interviews and reminiscence therapy.

Ramune no Yu

We also have facilities where you can take a bath in a carbonated spring that is recognized as effective in the medical field. By improving blood flow, metabolism is activated and a relaxing effect can be obtained.

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