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What is GROP?

What is GROP

group company

GROP Corporation


Grop boasts outstanding recognition in the dispatching and outsourcing industry.
We are developing our own outsourcing to develop high-level human resources by closely following the staff, not only recruiting human resources, assigning the right person to the right place, labor management, but also mental care in the workplace. ..

Grop San Serite Co., Ltd.


Even in Okayama Prefecture, we have quickly adopted the "special subsidiary system" and have been focusing on social contribution through employment of people with disabilities. Based on the idea of "Magokoro" in the company name "Sanserite", we will continue to challenge the infinite possibilities by providing services that are closely related to the region.


Under the slogan "From Okayama to the World !!", we aim to contribute to the local community through sports for the disabled while hiring, training and strengthening athletes in wheelchair athletics.
And, in order to popularize sports for the disabled, we aim to participate in various competitions in Japan and overseas and leave results (medals won).

group company

・ Grop Joy Co., Ltd. ・ Grop SC Co., Ltd. ・ Sankuru Co., Ltd. ・ Auxi Co., Ltd.
・ Seibundo Co., Ltd. ・ Koratomi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. ・ GROP (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.
・ Hefei Creation Process Technology Co., Ltd.

・ Creative Co., Ltd.

・ Grop San Serite Co., Ltd.

・ Kress Co., Ltd.

・ Grop Insurance Service Co., Ltd.

・ Grop Marketing Co., Ltd.

・ Koratomi (Tianjin) Labor Service Co., Ltd.

・ EASTOOL Industries Sdn.Bhd.

・ GROP (Thai Land) Co., Ltd

Main client

・ Benesse Corporation ・ Nippon Gore Co., Ltd. ・ Warabeya Kansai Co., Ltd. ・ Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd. ・ CX Cargo Co., Ltd. ・ ASKUL LOGIST Co., Ltd.

・ Glory Ltd.

・ Swing Bakery Co., Ltd.

·Panasonic Corporation

・ YKK AP Inc.

・ Royal Delica Co., Ltd.

・ Government offices, etc. (in no particular order, titles omitted)

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