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Employee education

Employee education

Employee education

We believe that improving the quality of each and every employee is what is necessary to provide optimal service to our customers.

Therefore, in addition to legal knowledge and etiquette training by in-house and external instructors, we also conduct "training to develop thinking employees" with employees as instructors.

By conducting case studies on past cases and assumptions that cannot be conveyed by classroom lectures and OJT alone, we aim to allow new employees who tend to lack experience to think in the same way as veterans. I will.

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Health and safety activities

We carry out various safety and health activities such as influenza prevention activities and recruitment of health and safety slogans so that our staff can work safely and healthily.

Once a year, we are recruiting safety and health slogans from staff working at Human Eye in order to aim for the safety and health of working staff and to call for the creation of a safe and comfortable workplace without occupational accidents. ..
Going forward, we will continue to build safe and comfortable workplaces free from occupational accidents, and aim to create workplaces with the highest priority given to ensuring irreplaceable life and health.

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